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The story of why we got started.

We wanted to make the web easier.

That's why we exist. We're here to help.

Before Engage The Web, it troubled us that so many businesses and non-profit organizations couldn't afford the websites their organizations needed. A website is an essential tool to get the word out and we didn't see any strong solutions available to them.

So in 2007, we started building a website platform from the ground up that would allow us to provide fully-functional, beautifully crafted websites, at a fraction of what they would normally cost. The intention was to provide a professional web presence for the amazing organizations out there who were struggling to set up a site.

Now, with over 100 websites launched across Canada, it's been exciting to hear from our clients that we've eliminated the very problem that we set out to solve.

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison

Creative Director

Matt's always searching for new ways to assist our customers. His passion is to help others experience the benefits of the web and he's constantly working to train and equip organizations across Canada.

Luke Cowell

Luke Cowell

Technical Director

Around the office, we call him "The Wizard" because Luke can make magic happen with a computer. He's the brains behind the code that runs Engage websites. His passion for programming often has Luke teaching at meetups throughout Vancouver.

Natalie Brown

Natalie Brown

Communications Director

Natalie is the newest addition to the team and we love the energy she brings into the office. She's a creative thinker and heads up our marketing, social media and customer support.

Cindy Ryon

Cindy Ryon

Business Advisor

Cindy's years of business experience have been essential to the health and growth of our company. Thanks to Cindy, Engage will be around to help you for many years to come.

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